The secret to becoming a successful commercial photographer

The secret to becoming a successful commercial photographer

The secret to becoming a successful commercial photographer is really quite simple. It’s not about one particular magic bullet that fits everyone’s problem but a recipe that requires understanding and development.

“I follow all the advice”

You have read the posts about what you need to do. It would be all to easy to say you need to do more on social media, to reach out to new prospective clients but if it was so simple why isn’t everyone successful? Well that would be an easy solution to the problem just hang out more on social media rather than doing the work of a commercial photographer.

Lets look at the obvious

What should you look at in your business marketing strategy, assuming you have taken the time to establish one, even if it doesn’t work the answer maybe in the strategy itself.

What about advertising that’s worked for so many businesses you could divert some of your profits to a targeted marketing agency campaign but what you don’t actually have profit to use in a campaign you need a quick fix something that generates more from existing clients or even better gains new clients.

There is the option to meet real people through networking, yes the places where you are the target for their marketing you probably know what I mean they have no need for your services, they don’t even care what you do they are foraging amongst the desperate who need them to succeed.

There are lots of ingredients in the recipe and it’s not the ingredients it’s the way they are combined hat diferenciates a good one from a flop.

The key points are to establish a base recipe and adjust the mix until it resembles a solution to your problem, so that the first question I ask when a photographer calls me for advice what do you believe is your problem.

The secret to becoming a successful commercial photographer

Taking time to step back identify your specific problem will be the first step in becoming successful. Lets look at what needs to be in place before you have any chance of success these points aren’t the problem they are a prerequisite if they don’t exist you need to go back to the basics and then and only then you stand a chance of success.

What you must have in place before you have any chance of being credible and successful.

5 key points

  1. A top notch relevant portfolio after all you are a commercial photographer and shouldn’t be difficult.
  2. A website yes it may seem old hat with Facebook and Instagram being the places to show off your work but you have credibility don’t you and a free hosting template is just that you need to be serious.
  3. A place of business yes where exactly are you how do you expect corporate client to gain trust from a gmail address and a mobile number.
  4. Business relevant content, that doesn’t mean client content but content that shows potential clients you have what it takes.
  5. Focus not out of focus messages are you a jack of all trades I can do anything messages sure as a commercial photographer we have been trained to do anything a client throws at us well within reason so look at the messages you are sending out.

Once you have these points addressed you can begin to look at ways to make your business more successful.

In the next article I will give you direction on how to become a successful commercial photographer with the corporate clients you want and they want you.

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