Sound in the studio

Quality sound in the studio is an area we are serious about, when we are shooting interviews or podcasts for clients capturing professional quality sound is just as important as the image quality or the lighting.

Combined with our Mac based editing and post processing facilities we use the best technology available to meet our needs for quality.

We are finding clients requiring podcast, crowdfunding, interview, demonstration and tutorial footage professional quality sound is top of their priorities and we understand why.

We use Zoom H4n Pro digital recorders not only for the build and sound quality but most important it conforms to the industry standards.

Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) compliant

The Pro records audio in both WAV and MP3 formats. It supports 16- and 24-bit WAV audio at sampling rates of 44.1, 48, or 96 kHz. The WAV files are automatically time-stamped, making them Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) compliant, allowing precise synchronization in post-production.

Zoom 4ch digital recorder

Zoom H4n Pro remote controller

Audio field recorder

Canon 5Ds with H4n Pro on shock mount

Commercial photography studio sound services

RØDE NT1A microphone

RØDE NT1A microphone Is one of the lowest noise on the market

We offer a wide range of photographic services and can help you with both stills and video filming both in the studio and on locatio, if you want more information please contact us