Product photography Kickstarter

Product photography Kickstarter

Product photography Kickstarter project for our client SoundBops.

“We have been involved in a number of Kickstarter projects over the years this project is our favourite, the product itself was exciting, the concept was brilliant and the execution made both our client and our studio proud to be part of this campaign. - William & Aileen commercial photographers”

Product photography Kickstarter – Soundbops music building blocks.

Product photography Kickstarter

Product photography Kickstarter

“Enable children to learn music early with an engaging, creative and educational introduction to music.” Michael Tougher - founder

We have been involved with Michael at Soundbops during the preproduction and final production stages of his invention, photographing the promotional material, stop action, video and editorial images for the imminent Kickstarter launch.

Our brief was simple, founder Michael wanted product photography that said something about his wonderfully involvative product, it’s sleek design, it’s market audience and most of all it had to appeal to both parents and young people not as a toy but an object that would be educational and fun to use.

Our input

Having the skills to create a thematic series of images our team put together a split colour theme which complimented the SoundBop and became the look of the Kickstarter campaign.

Product photography Kickstarter

Product photography Kickstarter video and still photography

Product photography Kickstarter BTS

Product photography Kickstarter studio behind the scenes

Product photography Kickstarter

Product photography Kickstarter live view

The concept

We create a concept for our clients to expand on, to become involved in during the studio photo shoots. Using the latest technology we provide live viewing shooting during the session where our clients become part of the creative team, adding their own touch to the final images. We collaborate throughout the whole project building a valuable relationship both at the creative level but also at the business level, building trust and working towards a common goal.

Providing multi-camera views of the main product shots but also editorial and background images that combine to create a story for marketing, promotion, social media and advertising all in one session. Having stop motion for animated gifs and live video footage gives our client a higher added value than straight forward pack shots, this added value gives our clients a reason to have us involved in their projects, we work together it’s a collaboration to make their project successful.

Becoming involved during a session in our studio is part of the collaborative approach we encourage with our clients.

Product photography Kickstarter

Product photography Kickstarter – becoming involved in your product photography

Product photography Kickstarter

Product photography Kickstarter – tethered photography work live during a session

Product photography Kickstarter

Product photography Kickstarter

The result is the Kickstarter exceeded its goals, with 412 backers raising over £51k in backers and with the imminent launch of the final product now securely funded we believe our part in this exciting project has been successful and look forward to the next stage of the Soundbops launch.


During this session we used equipment from our studio the Canon 5Ds, Canon 5D mkiii, Canon EF 70-200, Canon 600D, Canon EF 100 macro, Sigma 50mm macro, Tethertools cables, USB3 hubs, Jerkstoppers, Apple iMac 5k, Apple MacBook Pro, Bowens Higlide, Bowens lighting, Smallrig cages, Manfrotto tripods and heads, Western Digital Velociraptor thunderbolt SSD’s drives and Calumet studio accessories.


If you are looking to launch a new product line or simply wanting to have a fresh approach on your existing products why not give us a call for a consultation on how we can help you. contact our team


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