Photography tours in Scotland

Exploring Fife Coastline Photography Tours

Exploring Fife Coastline Photography Tours, with the start of winter we see the quality of light change, the crisp mornings and pastel skies, the low angle if the sun makes for stunning early morning photography.

Our Fife coast photography tours make the best of the early morning sunrises, a tour that takes you along the ancient fishing coastline, exploring the region with your camera.

Long exposure with Lee Filters

Seascape long exposure photography tuition

We can arrange to have you travel in your own vehicle or if you want to be transported we can arrange to travelling in a luxurious 7 seater Land Rover County or a 4×4 depending on our route and numbers


Interested in long exposure

Long exposure photography master class with Lee Filters and Manfrotto tripods gives you the knowledge of this exciting if somewhat demanding genre of photography.

Monochrome seascapes

Monochrome seascapes

About our tours

Our tours are friendly days out, it suits all levels of photography, you are amongst friends with the same passions, you are travelling in comfort with your photography guide. We know the locations and guide you throughout the day, giving advice and help to make your photography better.

If you are looking to go on a photography tour but are unsure of certain areas we always scout our locations at different times of the year, we take the stress and uncertainty out of the day.

Exploring Fife Coastline Photography Tours

Forth Road Bridge from South Queens Ferry

There are opportunities for structral and architectural photography as we travel and we can include these stops on the day.

What you will learn

  • Camera and lenses
  • Tilt and shift
  • Long exposure daylight photography
  • Using gear heads for accurate composition
  • Intervalometers for long exposures
  • Image quality long exposures
  • Seascape photography
  • Remote control techniques
  • Usung Lee Filters, Big Stopper, Polarisers, Graduated Filters and the filter system
  • Tripods Manfrotto carbon fibre vs aluminium and Benbo
  • Technics in avoiding noise, low quality images and technical issues that will cause your photography to fail
Tilt shift lenses

Tilt shift lenses

Manfrotto 410

Manfrotto gear heads

Long exposure photography

Dusk seascapes

Please contact us for more details on our short photography tours of Scotland.