Photographers personal projects are where you get to do your own thing, it frees you from restraints to explore and most important expand your creativity.

Photographers personal projects

Board meetings will never be the same

Most people don’t take their work home but most people don’t have a job that’s part of their life a job that’s more about you as a person, a job where you can express yourself, a job where passion is the key to success.

Living a dream isn’t as simple as it seems, expanding our vision and exploring new ground brings new challenges new demands and a test of your ability to embrace new things this keeps the dream alive and kicking.

Photographers personal projects

We see things differently

We need time to reflect, to regenerate, to be inspired not by looking at other photographers but by life, we are surrounded by more inspiration than any one website or gallery we only need to step out to enter a fresh new challenge, here in Scotland that’s a real challenge with our grey weather but that’s the beauty of challenges.

Travel photography gives me a chance to explore beyond my own turf, yes I maybe on location photographing a car or villa for a commercial client but on my own time I can wander around usually with my little Olympus Pen snapping away like any other tourist.

Photographers personal projects

Architecture is a favourite interest of mine

Street photography has always been a personal favourite of mine, living so close to Glasgow and Edinburgh gives me a wealth of opportunities, the Edinburgh Fringe and Festival is high on my list of favourites it’s a time when everyone is out enjoying themselves, fellow artists abound in street performances and visitors enjoying the festival spirit.

When variety appears to be lacking there is some block in me it makes me change my focus stepping back and taking in the bigger picture, looking around with a camera trying to find something new something interesting something that gives you a sense of achievement can be hard. Sipping a coffee on the kerbside or enjoying a cool bottle of beer in the sun watching the world go by kicks in with so many ideas you are recharged ready to take those photos you wanted it’s this that draws me not only to street photography as personal projects but the whole concept of personal photography.

Photographers personal projects aren’t about practice, it’s about regeneration. Photographers personal projects are a way of expression an adventure one to be embraced and the next time you feel you are in a creative rut just pick up your rangefinder and go for a stroll.

Life is for living live life to the full.

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