Panorama of Portknockie harbour with an iPhone 4

We all enjoy photo walks even if we only have our phone with us photo walks can help improve your photography why not give it a go.

Photo walks around Lanark, the woodlands, Loch, the clydewalkway, New Lanark and the Clyde.


When we are out for a walk it’s usually for some exercise and to be effective it needs to have some pace which isn’t ideal when we are on a photo walk but it doesn’t mean we can’t do both and gain equally.

  1. Resist the temptation to snap everything it’s much better if you use your eyes and imaginination to perceive an image then try to take it.
  2. Train your eye, it might seem simple but minimal can be better as they say less is more.
  3. Framing as in composition isn’t easy for many people, most stand in the normal position and lift their camera up this is ok but is it the best way to see an initerestung composition, try to avoid this and soon you will start to evolve a personal style.
  4. Most phones have wide angle lenses, in many ways we seem to associate wide angle with landscapes bringing in everything into a single picture, getting closer is one way to start exploring photography even with a phone.
  5. The other very helpful tool is the location information we have when we take a photo on our phone, photo walks might not be local and if you want to return to a place at a different time or season the geo tag on you phone is a great recce tool.
  6. We mentioned exercise at the beginning, our brain, vision and imagination need stimulus and exercise this fine tunes our visual senses and lets us see what was once hidden it opens up a new world.
  7. Photo walks aren’t all about scenery, the devil can be in the detail what’s under foot, hidden in the walls and trees, textures, abstracts, patterns and graphics all exist in nature and usually overlooked.
  8. A photo walk doesn’t need to be an expedition you can even leave your camera behind, see it as a means to explore and plan for that expedition once we know what, where and when it’s a lot simpler to plan that specific photographic expedition and capture the photo of a life time even if it’s only 100yds from your house.
  9. Looking is the most important lesson you can learn, through observation our imagination can provide insight into potential photos, a step to the left, a bend of your knee can make a difference.
  10. Finally learn to be a critic of your own photographs, try not rely on friends and family to say kind things about your photos it can be detrimental to your progress, instead analyse them, could they have been better, maybe a different time of day, possibly a little closer or maybe a different viewpoint it’s this refinement that helps you improve without becoming disheartened.

I hope these little tips help you improve your photography and if you live in the area why not join me on my photo walks they are free and you will always learn something new.

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