National Library of Scotland Edinburgh

Twilight photograph of the National Library of Scotland Edinburgh

Twilight photograph of the National Library of Scotland Edinburgh

Twilight photograph of the National Library of Scotland Edinburgh

Architectural photography – National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh

National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh Causewayside Building – design by Andrew Merrylees Associates

This contemporary building always catches my eye. When I’m working on photographic commissions in Edinburgh travelling back and forth at different times of day I see the light playing on the facade. The architecture is a juxtaposition of the surrounding buildings. Standing out yet blending into the city bringing a touch of modern architecture.

Photographing this building was always going to be a challenge, it sits on a very busy junction. There are a number of views I could choose from each showed the building but only one view let me catch the light the way I envisioned it, at twilight.

Architectural photography though usually technically challenging there aren’t many challenges, it’s a busy place. In November twilight occurred just when the local schools are coming out bringing lots of pedestrian traffic as well as road traffic. However with the low light levels I can shoot longer exposures even without a neutral density filer. I chose to remove traffic and people from this particular image, shooting multiple exposures and blending them in post production. I could have capture the shot in a single exposure with pleasing results. However as I was intending shooting multiple exposures I was as well taking advantage of exposure bracketing and expanding in the dynamic range. My technique choice would reduce the potential for noise in the shadows and retaining the highlights.

Technical aspects of architectural photography

Shooting times: November 2018, 4pm, the shoot window was almost 1:30hrs waiting for the light.

Equipment used: Canon 5Ds, Canon 24mm TSE, Manfrotto 410 gear head, Manfrotto carbon fibre tripod, and a wireless remote trigger cable.

Post processing: Adobe Lightroom CC for the raw exposure, Adobe Photoshop CC for the masking and blending.

Capture info: for a successful shot exposures between 1s and 4s, f/10 iso 340.

Usage: the intended use for this image was portfolio, social media marketing and stock image library

Summary: there are potential for different images and different times if day and seasons.

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