Manfrotto MS050M4 R4 L Shape Bracket

When shooting architecture and when working in the field and you are switching between horizontal and vertical shooting on a regular basis it makes sense to have a method of working that reduces the effort, time and complexity of setting up for the next shot. I have the Manfrotto 410 gear head which has the PL10 a RC4 plate which allows for a fast switch between the two the main issue is the shift in the centre of gravity when shooting vertically. the camera is overhanging which isn’t an issue with a sturdy support but it does make the set up prone to vibration and wind movement.

Manfrotto gear head 410

Rotating the gear head alters the centre of gravity

Manfrotto L bracket

Axis alignment and maintaining the centre of gravity

I have looked at a few L Brackets before deciding on the Manfrotto, I was concerned about weight, I walk a lot when on a shoot I need to carry everything between viewpoints so I want sturdy but not so heavy I need to dissemble the rig every time. Another issue is I use a grip this adds height and there needs to be a degree of adjustment to align the axis correctly.

Combined with the Manfrotto gear head you have the ability to adjust the levels accurately something a ball head can’t do well.

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