Landscape photography using nature’s light

Landscape photography using nature’s light

It may seem obvious to use the natural light after all there’s little more we could do is there.

Like any form of light it’s not static, it moves creating different looks on a landscape, it can sculpt the terrain, flatten the scene or highlight aspects of it but it doesn’t do this on demand and that’s where we need to adapt to the light rather than try to adapt the light because we can’t can we.

We see a lovely location and it has all the elements to make a good photograph, the temptation is to do just that and we end up with a record of what you saw or something that falls short of what you imagined we’ve all experienced it.

Embrace your cameras weaknesses

In some ways we can use the weaknesses of our camera and lenses to create a more interesting shot buy pushing everything to the limit. By this I’m indicating being risky, shoot into the light use the flare to your advantage.

5 tips to get the special shot in camera.

  1. Switch off all the metering this is where you go it alone use your eye look at the display vary your settings see what happens.
  2. You also need forget autofocus it’s a manual task, find the focus for your image and lock it you don’t want your camera to suddenly decide where to focus you already know that don’t you.
  3. Forget AWB this is a time for being creative, switch to kelvin dial in a white balance and see where it takes you, this tool is a creative decision it’s not about pure grey card settings.
  4. Don’t simply go for everything in focus, open that lens up, yes it’s not as sharp wide open but who says it needs to be sharp, it’s about the feeling of the image use the softnessof your lens to your advantage.
  5. Then it’s a watching and waiting game or is it, if you change your location you change the direction of the light. It’s time to move watching what happens then you are in the place where the magic happens.
Remember - Flare, low contrast, colour shift all add to the image creating mood, atmosphere and most of all pushes your creativity.

Digital photography tips for better landscapes

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