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Hiring a professional for social media content is something most businesses with a marketing programme should add to their marketing strategy. With social media you connect with potential business, be it through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Pinterest Google+ and Instagram all places where images speak louder than words.

Over the past few years we have seen businesses use social media to their advantage, it’s simple, instant and to a degree a controllable form of marketing but people are becoming fed up with adverts littering up their feed.

Storytelling with images

This is where storytelling content adds more to any campaign, think not just of your product or service being the focus but your product or service in action in real world situations.

Content is the new king at a price

From a business point of view adding a new arm to any marketing strategy isn’t something that’s decided lightly. After all if budgets don’t expand the new approach reduces resources from other areas so it has to make a difference.

Hiring a professional for social media content as professional photographers we are commissioned to shoot campaigns for existing and new projects. It could be a new product launch or existing business that’s being used to promote business. With the focus on only meeting the brief, which is our job of course but there are rich pickings on the periphery that can be of even more values, the behind the scenes story.

Everyone likes a story that shows them something they never knew happened, it has huge marketing potential.

Photography isn’t just the end results it’s a bit like watching a master chef creating the meal rather than having the dish simply put on the place before you. The same can be true for your business, even the most mundane item can be interesting. Hiring a professional for social media content it’s this often missed opportunity that is today’s tip.

Scenario – product placement

Product placement has been around a long time a very longtime it’s an association with surrounding elements it’s part of the bigger story but it doesn’t go unnoticed. Using your own product in your own story but in a different way from simply focusing on the actual product it’s presence is the connecting part.

Let’s look at a scenario, you have a product (it doesn’t need to be a product it can be a person a key person something recognisable) where is it made? In your manufacturing unit maybe the obvious thought but it passes through many more stages other than assembly. Having lifestyle photographs of what goes into the creation is of interest. It’s a insight into a hidden aspect of business, sobwhen we as photographers are capturing the new advertising images there is a story in the making.

Another aspect is where your products are being used, it happens somewhere everyday, clients my snap a record for their needs which happens to feature your product. That’s both an endorsement and product placement bound together in a story, its real life.

Hopefully you will begin to see the potential in this aspect of marketing, where it is if value and where it can add to a campaign as a byproduct of what is naturally occurring.

Opportunities that are there for the picking

Think of behind the scenes are just as important as the final outcome and you will open up a new approach to your next photography campaign shoot.

If you would like to explore these opportunities drop us a message

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