Fashion photography is a time consuming processFashion photography is a time-consuming process and that’s put it mildly. There is a lot of work that goes into even the simplest of briefs keeping control of the production, costs, timescales and delivery is our job.

When a designer, retailer of manufacturer approaches us for  images that market and sell their products the photography is a major component in the realisation of months of work by the designers, seamstresses, tailors, buyers, and merchants who have worked hard on the new season styles and demanding time scales the fashion industry demands.

Whether on location or  in the studio the constant adjustments to angles, styling and lighting all takes time. Of course having models that can deliver makes all the difference but the whole process can take ages, and of course the post production and formatting the images for different media outlets and printing adds even more.

Fashion photography is a time consuming process

Location work in particular brings its own overheads, the team behind the shoot make the difference, we have the photographer, the model, the client, the wardrobe team, make up and hair, stylist, assistant, lighting and producer all make the shot.

Fashion photography is a time consuming process
Location scout has the task of hunting down the places where the outfits and accessories will be shot, it’s not a simple task as good old Mother Nature has a big play in this part. The time of day the position of the sun even the wind reaps havoc just when you don’t need it.

Of course if it was simple we wouldn’t need a photographer or the team that’s involved to create the images for the new season would we.

Clothing and accessories supplied by Brooks of Lanark and ladies shoes by Solely Tempted, models are the fabulously talented Aleem and Laura working tirelessly in the sweltering sun, mua is by the wonderfully patient Hayley who was on set continually keeping the models perfect.

Location – Castlebank Park and Gardens Lanark

The shoot was set in the beautifully restored Victorian garden grounds of Castlebank with what must have been the sunniest day of the summer.

Our clients value having a photography team that can work with them to create the look and style they need and through pre shoot planning and careful excecution we can achieve the results and exceed expectation, all depending on Mother Nature of course who has a habit of throwing us a few side swipes but then we have our studio on hand where the show will go on but the midnight oil will burn with the retouching team making it all happen no matter what.

If you have a project that needs our team drop us a message and we can put our heads together.

Technicals Canon 5D mkiii, lighting and modifiers Bowens and Lastolite, high speed flash sync by Pocket Wizard and Canon Speedlites, supports Manfrotto and tethering by Apple and Tethertools, colour management by xRite and processing by Adobe CC.