Covid-19 lockdown

When your livelihood comes to a sudden halt with little hope of it recovering anytime soon it’s easy to become despondent, worried and cancel your plans putting your life on hold.

There is no furlough when you’re a self employed person even worse when both your partner and yourself work together it’s a double blow.

When your clients are in the hospitality, travel and tourism sector there’s little home of any immediate recover of business.

Rather than fall into a deep hole, I looked around and decided to restart a shelved project of documenting the towns architecture but rather than just a photograph I decided to bring some colour and surrealism to my images as it is a surreal time we are in.

Through social media I found I could share my work, bringing some pleasure rather than despair hopefully brightening up everyone’s day with my posts of a new street or building every day.

Little did I realise how much engagement I’d have and now through the prints I’m starting to have some form of income but more than that I feel purpose. Thank you.