Branding with product photography is more than a photograph of a product it’s a marketing tool, it’s an advertisement, it’s a branding tool, it says more than words alone it’s your communication with your past, present and future clients.

Branding with product photography

Service provider to solutions to consultation what’s the difference?

  1. You have your idea and want it photographed – service
  2. You have a concept but need help – solution
  3. You have no concept you are really wanting it to happen – consultation

Each of these change the cost of creative solutions you can do the hard work and we can polish it off or we do all the work it’s your choice it’s your decision either way you are in the same creative loop.

Making your products work for you.

Advertising focusing on a simple product, using our expertise through visuals to market without knowing who it will appeal to or make your product stand out from similar products.

Whats on offer to you?

We see something that may seem insignificant, it could be simply shapes, dimension, 3D, drama, dynamics, colours, composition, angles, reflections, light, highlights, shadows, gradients and textures.

The potential

Coming up with something interesting may seem more like advertising photography as opposed to simply presenting the product to a perspective buyer to add to their basket so what is the point?

Even the humblest of items has potential, both in branding and making sales. We work on the basis that product photography sits within a story a dialog between you and your customers.

Inviting a potential buyer into your space and that is the space they are in on their phone, tablet or computer screen. They are browsing, looking, thinking but are they looking and thinking about your product or what your product can do for them, it’s the solution to their problem.

Photography is everywhere each image is competing but once the viewer has one in their sight the others disappear until they move on, it’s the moving on that loses sales, the image won’t make them buy the functionality may not even enter into the mind of the potential buyer, so what does well that’s the question everyone would like to know but the answer is much closer, in fact it’s so close you even miss where it is, it’s you yes you are also a customer you go through the same decisions your potential customers do.

Making it work

So how do we use this to our advantage, well it’s about simplicity, it’s about attraction you have the experience, the knowledge but possibly not the vision, having a creative partner you improve your position and together you can take control and make it work.

This is a food for thought article