Fashion photography is a time consuming process

Fashion photography is a time-consuming process and that’s put it mildly. There is a lot of work that goes into even the simplest of briefs keeping control of the production, costs, timescales and delivery is our job. When a designer, retailer of manufacturer approaches us for  images that market and sell their products the photography is a major component in the realisation of months of work by the designers, seamstresses, tailors, buyers, and merchants who have worked hard on the new season styles and demanding time scales the fashion industry demands. Whether on location or  in the studio the constant …

Tips and tricks for getting a great business portrait

Tips and tricks for getting a great business portrait

Tips and tricks for getting a great business portrait, if you want to make a good impression with potential employers or clients, it’s important to make a good impression with your online presence, too. Having a good business portrait is now a big part of that. But what makes a good business portrait?

Getting a little bit higher use a monopod

Getting a little bit higher use a monopod. We are often in a situation where we could be doing with a few extra inches or even feet to get a different view of our subject and popping our camera on our monopod is the ideal tool to elevate our position. The problem isn’t obtaining the extra height it’s working blind a guessing game. Of course triggering the camera is simple enough with either a wired release or a wireless release, I use both for different situations. With wifi enabled cameras and live view to mobile devices is a leap forward …

Martial arts the boxer

Photographing sportspeople is whee it gets up close and personal, I’m in the audio with martial arts expert the boxer letting off some steam for the camera

TetherTools for secure tethering in the studio

TetherTools for secure tethering in the studio

Tethertools secure tethering studio TetherTools for secure tethering in the studio ensures our workflow is not only fast but more important is reliable. When a client needs images on time we cannot have an unreliable workflow in our studio, the 5Ds creates huge Raw files in excess of 50mb this needs a good USB transfer if we are to work quickly, our experience in the studio tells us to invest where it really matters and not scrimp on cables.    

Calais The Jungle sometimes you need to see for yourself

Humanitarian Crisis Photojournalism isn’t my calling I’m more at home in my studio. When it comes to personal work there’s times you just have to experience and understand other aspects of photography and what my fellow collegues endue for the news and public at large. Embarking on a journey with my fellow photographer Chris Sweeney we set off to Calais, was a cold wet December evening in Glasgow as we boarded the overnight coach to London before continuing over the channel to Calais. We  were on the road for three days these are a few of my images from the …

William Wilson Photography news

William Wilson Photography News William Wilson Photography News – Occasionally we need to make changes as our websites and services we feel necessary to improve our visitor experience and performance. Website changes for 2017 Currently all our commercial portfolios are on this website, this made sense a few years back well a decade back but with the majority of our traffic being smart phones we have decided to split our website into different services it won’t affect your enjoyment but will separate our portfolios into dedicated areas. The main UK website William Wilson Photography will be our hub where visitors …

Clyde Auditorium Glasgow

Glasgow is blessed with some magnificent buildings from the ancient to the new, the city is a city of architectural culture. The Clyde Auditorium known as the “Armadillo” is a classic, constructed on the in-filled Queen’s Dock, even though it sits within a huge collection of other contemporary building on the waterfront it has its own presence. Designed by architects Sir Norman Foster & Partners 1997. I chose to photograph the front elevation of the building avoiding the well known armadillo point of view which I have photographed in the past. It’s reminiscent of a ships bow looking down on …

Tips for great landscape photography

I travel between Lanark and Edinburgh for my commercial work but rather than taking the motorway I choose to take the country road routes, I say routes as I vary my journey almost every time I travel rarely taking the same route twice i a row. You may wonder why I choose to take longer that I need, surely time is money and the quickest route would be better? First I’m not in any hurry, yes I have appointment times that have been set but I can choose when I start my journey, I choose to leave earlier and take …